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Malto (a Dravidian language) corpus for dialect, folklore research and more!

21 Aug

Check out the new LDC corpus of Malto, which is a Dravidian language of India (I think ~200k speakers).

It’s 8 hours, 27 speakers (glosses/transcriptions/etc for 6 of the 8 hours).

This is one of those projects we should feel great about. Thanks to Masato Kobayashi and Bablu Tirkey (and the LDC) for making the data available. There’s not a lot of literature on Malto. If you’re interested in some facts, check out info from the World Atlas of Language Structures (there’s not a lot there…it’s SOV, fwiw).

I’m gonna throw in some names I think are relevant (alternate names/dialects…some of these may be wrong, sorry): Malatri, Maler, Malti, Malto, Maltu, Sawriya Malto, Sahibganj, Godda, Hiranpur, Litipara (Chatgam), Kumar, Mad, Mal, Maler, Malti, Malto, Maltu, Paharia, Pahariya.


World Englishes

9 Apr

Elizabeth Traugott offers these suggestions for corpora on world Englishes: