Emoji use: Who, where, how

20 Aug

Emoji are on the rise. People on their smartphones and on social media use emoji to add a visual key to their message. Today, emoji are being used in advertising, in the courtroom, and even in recent political campaigns. To learn more about how emoji are being used in the business world, you can check out the blog post and video here.

There were 722 emoji when the Unicode 6.0 character set was released in 2010 and one hundred more have–and will–be added. So it’s not surprising that not all emoji are used equally. What are the most frequently used emoji? Are some emoji used and interpreted differently across different cultures and groups of people? And do people really use emoji to communicate strong emotions or are they more of a whimsical addition to a text message?

Check out this video to learn about the who, where, and how of emoji use around the world!


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