Sociolinguistic summary: news from NWAV 41

30 Oct

To get Linguists to dance, play songs that are not in English. #macarena #NWAV41

One parting shot from Dennis Preston: “it’s not hard to teach adjectives to Texans. Just ask if they can put ‘-ass’ after it.”#NWAV41

New Ways of Analyzing Variation 41 (NWAV) just wrapped up on Sunday. It attracted 852 tweets from 58 different Twitter users. This post offers a quick analysis of the tweets (you can search on Twitter for the time being; here’s a basic spreadsheet I made for archive purposes). It also links to various corpora that were mentioned at the conference.

Want to know what got tweeted? Here’s a word cloud of everything with an #nwav41 (excluding urls):

Of course, this doesn’t really reflect what’s going on around NWAV, just what was tweeted about. And that’s highly skewed since 80% of the tweets came from 7 users:

Here are the talks I had more than 12 tweets about:

The presentation I gave was based on Twitter data from over 9.2m tweets, over 14k users:

  • Tyler Schnoebelen, David Bamman, & Jacob Eisenstein on Gender, styles, and social networks in Twitter.

Some corpora that got mentioned in various talks:


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