Monkeying around: Infochimps

11 Nov
It’s Friday, so it’s a great day to go explore Infochimps. Infochimps is kind of like a data clearinghouse. It has all sorts of stuff. For example:

Some of you eat with finger bowls and extended pinkies–does Infochimps have less smutty stuff?

Finally, some stuff on accents:

  • Infochimps HAS lots of data and they also LINK to lots of data. For example, the Speech Accent Archive, which has over 1,200 people reading a paragraph in English. They’re from all over the place (native and non-native English speakers).
  • There’s also a meme on YouTube that you could use. Search for “What’s my accent?” (Here are some steps I wrote up about how to download YouTube audio so you can play with it in Praat).
    • And, okay, the whole reason you should’ve been reading this post is to get the following link to “Pronunciation Manual“. If you haven’t seen it yet: it’s honey-badger good. Happy Friday!

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    […] today I mentioned some fun stuff available at Infochimps, including a corpus of 4,700+ erotic stories. I don’t know *who* is clicking on that link, […]

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