October corpora from LDC

3 Nov

(This is mostly for Stanford folks)

We get periodic shipments of new corpora from the LDC. These are always available for you to check out as DVDs (just follow steps for access here). We can also put these online so you can ssh into the Stanford servers and go to /afs/ir/data/linguistic-data.

But there’s a catch. We have a limited amount of space there–so to add something, we need to remove something. If any of these corpora–or any other corpora you know about–would be great to have online, send me a note.

Spanish Gigaword–third edition

The great thing about this corpus is that it is enormous. Depending upon your research project, you may or may not be as psyched about it being newswire text. It’s got everything the previous editions had, plus newer stuff–so it covers, roughly, the mid-1990’s til Dec 31, 2010.

Arabic Gigaword–fifth edition

Same basic deal as the Spanish Gigaword–it covers news in Arabic from 2000 until Dec 2010. Here’s what the marked-up content looks like: http://www.ldc.upenn.edu/Catalog/desc/addenda/LDC2011T11.jpg.

2008 NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation Test Set

This is actually nine DVDs worth of data because it’s 942 hours of telephone speech and interviews. The telephone speech is multilingual–predominately English but bilinguals were recruited, so in the telephone conversations you also get  Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Egyptian Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Punjabi, Russian, Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Wu Chinese, Yue Chinese. The interviews are just English.

You do get the transcripts, btw. The corpus was imagined to be for speech recognition, but there may be some really interesting code-switching stuff for people interested in bilingual data.


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